Fashionizer : Placements Testimonials

Marjorie Castel – Master Grande Ecole at Rouen Business School

I started my placement at Fashionizer less than two months ago and I have already learned so much. Being a French student, it has been a challenge to work in a different environment using a different language but I have enjoyed it very much. Living in London, a multicultural city that never sleeps has been a huge blast and time has passed so quickly.

The team at Fashionizer have not hesitated to give me a lot of responsibilities since day 1 and I have had the opportunities to work on several different projects: newsletters, brochure, Google Adwords, SEO… I also attend every marketing and sales meeting which allows me to integrate in the company like a real employee. I learn a lot of things everyday on Photoshop, websites, and the fashion and spa industry – no day is alike.

I enjoy working at Fashionizer because the team is very friendly. Everyone is available to answer my questions and I enjoy the convivial atmosphere. My internship gives me the chance to apply what I have learned at university but to be honest, I have already learnt much more about marketing working here than being at university for several years.

Tamsin Yates – BA (Hons) Public Relations student at Bournemouth University

In terms of personal training and development completing a placement at Fashionizer compares to no other. Day 1 of my placement involved a company induction followed by a further 4 days on-the-job training plus opportunities to attend networking events and access to webinars; all invaluable assets to enhance your CV for future employment. The learning experience was incomparable to my peers and I decided to extend my placement instead of working at a new agency prior to returning to University.

I would recommend completing a placement at a small organisation like Fashionizer because it allows you to build better relationships with colleagues, feel like a crucial part of the team and also broadened your knowledge of not only marketing but all aspects of the organisation including sales, production and design.

You have a lot of responsibilities made clear by daily, weekly and month tasks. As the placement progressed I began working on campaigns on a project-by-project basis on top of my set tasks, the campaigns varied from producing a video about the bespoke design process to working with graphic designers and web coders implementing an overhaul of the websites.
Not only has the placement moulded me into a competitive candidate for future employment it has also been a year I have thoroughly enjoyed. With supportive managers and friendly colleagues anyone creative and keen to learn will enjoy the working environment.

Charlotte Byrne – BA (Hons) Mens Wear Fashion Design at Northumbria University

I am a Fashion Design student from Northumbria University in Newcastle. I started my internship at Fashionizer in June and since then have been working with the production and design team.  I really enjoy working at Fashionizer because I am treated as an equal not just a student, I really feel like I am part of the team. Since starting here I have been undertaking tasks such as quality control, pulling patterns, Cutting fabric, sewing toils, sending out orders to both clients and manufactures, organising stock and most recently creating swatch books to send out to potential clients.

Fashionizer deal with a lot of clients all over the world and in July I was asked to join two other members of the team in Gran Canaria for a delivery. I was honoured that they wanted to send me after only been working here for a few weeks. We were on a very tight schedule and had to work really hard to get the job done, I learnt a lot about how the company works and it was really interesting to work forging relationships with clients. The experience was a lot of fun and something not every company would be able to offer to and intern so I am really grateful to Fashionizer for giving me this fantastic experience.

I love university and I really enjoy studying fashion design but I know that a degree alone will not get me a job once I am finished. At Fashionizer I learn something new every day and I know that the skills I learn here will be very valuable to support my degree when applying for jobs. I would recommend Fashionizer to anyone looking for an internship where they really want to get stuck in and learn about all elements of the fashion industry.

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