Fashionizer staff Abby

Name: AE

Role at Fashionizer: Designer

As a designer at Fashionizer, AE is involved in all aspects of the design development including technical drawings and print placements. One of her first projects included the design and creation of prints for the luxury resort in the Pacific. This was an exciting introduction to Fashionizer for her as it included print placements for swim and beachwear, merchandise which is a new avenue for the company.

Life Before Fashionizer

Since graduating from Plymouth University with a BA in Fashion Design and Technology, AE has worked as a multi-product designer and creative consultant for several luxury fashion brands. After 12 years at Ashley Isham, she took the leap to freelance and has since worked with startups and emerging designers like BY EM and Lisou London. AE is particularly interested in working with designers and brands that share her focus on a sustainable future. She has extensive experience in reducing the environmental impact from design, fibre to dyeing, finishing, cut, make and trim, through to creating a fully circular business, making her a perfect fit for Fashionizer!

Insider’s guide to AE

AE running partner is called Sidney, he has four legs and loves to catch a ball. She is a member of Borrow My Doggy and takes Sidney (who is half lab and half husky) on weekly runs to help his owner out.