Fashionizer Staff

Name: KG

Role at Fashionizer: Finance Manager

KG likes numbers and sums which is good news as his job is to ensure that the Fashionizer accounts are always in order, the books are balanced, and our financial forecasts are watertight. He’s responsible for making sure that people get paid, and as such, is the most popular man in the office. No wonder he’s always smiling.

Life before Fashionizer

KG’s working life has been surrounded by financial matters, although this is his first foray into the world of uniforms. His first job was in credit control in a paper manufacturer, but he then moved on to dealing with management accounts in a range of businesses from books and shelving as well as the online supermarket Ocado, where he helped to launch the company back in 2001. For a brief period (he lasted six months) he moved into warehousing but returned to his first love: spreadsheets.

Insider’s guide to KG

Sport-loving KG likes to see football played with style and elegance, which doesn’t quite explain why he is a Tottenham fan.