Name: RB

Role at Fashionizer: Garment Technologist and Quality Controller

RB’s role is all about detail – and more detail. Once the designs are completed, she produces the technical drawings to ensure that the designs work on a practical level and the factories have exactly the right measurements to produce the garments. She’s in a great position to verify the success of this as the next part of her job – as quality controller – is making sure that the production of the garments has gone to plan. She checks each consignment of uniforms, casting her beady eye over everything from consistent sizing to the correct number of buttons and the right weight of fusing. It’s all in the preparation, she says.

Life Before Fashionizer

RB’s journey to Fashionizer started with a lesson in trusting your instincts. Nearing the end of school, and thinking about her future, she set about applying for college place. She chose four courses based on what everyone else was telling her to do. Her fifth and final choice was the one that she really, really wanted to do: fashion design. She went with her heart.

Since graduating from Northbrook College in West Sussex, RB has worked for a variety of luxury designers in both women’s and men’s clothing, which has given her expertise in a wide range of skills, from pattern-cutting and creating toiles to production and shipping. It is this breadth and diversity of experience that she brings to Fashionizer.

Insider’s Guide to RB

RB’s big passion is exhibitions, whether it’s art or fashion, and she has been known to sniff out some hidden gems. The branding and packaging museum, anyone?  Her choice of favourite exhibition presented a minor dilemma:  it’s a toss-up between the fabulous Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show at the V&A a few years ago and one that was just about birds’ nests and eggs in a library in South London.