Fashionizer Staff

Name: ZM

Role at Fashionizer: Account Manager

ZM’s role is focused on generating new business and managing existing clients. As account manager, she supports customers through their uniform programme, ensuring that communication flows smoothly between them and the production and design team. She will oversee a project, from budgeting to delivery. Her key expertise is keeping customers happy and her job satisfaction comes from delivering a product that is perfectly made and on time.

Life Before Fashionizer

ZM has a BSc degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design from the London Metropolitan University. She also has a Masters in Womenswear from the Istituto Marangoni in Greece, where she is originally from. After her studies, she lived in Milan and worked as a Fashion Design assistant in Santarcangelo before coming to the UK in 2017. Driven by her passion for fashion ZM has founded her own swimwear label designing art-inspired swimsuits. She understanding of the complexities involved in translating two dimensional designs into three dimensional garments. A skill set she uses daily within her role at Fashionizer.

Insider’s guide to ZM

Apart from the weather, ZM loves London (her Greek roots crave the sun). She has one brother and twin nieces living in Greece. She loves to try new food although her favourite food is Greek souvlaki – you can take the girl out of Greece… as they say! She loves travelling and seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Her love for art stems from her family’s art museum in Greece and she spends her time perusing the London art galleries, of which The Tate is her absolute favourite. ZM has a great sense of humour and is a cherished member of the Fashionizer team.