In celebration of talent

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It has been a sobering few days.

There is no doubting the impact that Bowie had on the lives of people across many generations. He was, and will remain a creative genius who managed to translate his special talent across myriad disciplines – music, poetry, film, fashion. He is a shining example of how some people are destined to have an impact on the lives of others.

Most do not have such a public presence, but their contribution is no less valid. One such person was Geraldine Howard (pictured here), who also lost a fight with cancer and sadly died a few days ago. As founder of the pioneering Aromatherapy Associates it is acknowledged that she made a significant impact in the wellness and health industries.

Geraldine had a passionate belief in the power of essential oils to improve wellbeing. This passion, shared by her business partner Sue Beechy, inspired them to begin creating their own blends from a room in a flat in London – which proved so popular that Aromatherapy Associates was born. That was 30 years ago: the company is now a multi-million-pound brand.

Fashionizer’s MD Debbie knew Geraldine. Both were regulars at the Global Wellness Summits around the world, but their paths crossed back home in London.

“We were neighbours and I often saw her at our local gym. Our businesses were also round the corner from each other. She was an inspirational person and one of her characteristics was her openness, including about her condition. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to say goodbye to her.”

Determined to the last, in 2013 Geraldine launched the appropriately named Inner Strength, a blend of oils designed to help her during her treatment. One tenth of all the proceeds from the sale of Inner Strength are donated to the Defence Against Cancer Foundation.


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