In Praise of Needles and Pins

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There is a dedicated day for almost everything now.Today is Needles and Pins Day. Who would have known?

These special days mean something to someone somewhere: that’s kind of the point. At Fashionizer we are no exception and can identify with many of them. This past week gave us Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (our Sales and Marketing Manager Dorota can stand on her head for a ridiculous amount of time) and Cake Day (our Production Co-ordinator Rachel obliged by making two fabulous creations in chocolate and cream). Tomorrow is Small Business Day and Monday is Computer Security Day, both of which are subjects close to our heart.

But as uniform designers, we feel that the simple pin and the humble needle are things that are worth celebrating.  Where would we be without them?

This week, for example, we have been putting both to great use as we have been finishing samples for a new uniform project. It has been all hands on deck as our design and production team have been cutting, pinning, tacking, machining, snipping and sewing to create a selection of garments for a major new hotel opening.

We’re not in a position to let on who the uniform samples are for, but, as a tasterour picture gives a glimpse of the luxurious velvets and glamorous silks we have been working with and which we tracked down at Premiere Vision. One particular silk we love is coated in gold leaf, which gives a rich and sumptuous sheen to the garment. It’s not the usual uniform fayre, but the result is sensational.

Watch this space for when we can showcase the designs in all their glory – hopefully some time before Sewing Machine Day (June 15)…


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