Health doesn’t have a dress size

Health doesn’t have a dress size

Anyone with an acute cultural awareness or an eye on their instagram ads will have noticed a shift in the size of the models that are used to advertise activewear; a diverse range of body types is used to demonstrate brands’ wearability. And, quite rightly...

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Diversity in All Sizes

How many times have you gone into a shop to buy new clothes, only to find that the dress you loved in the window just doesn’t quite fit your body shape? Being a size zero is no longer a fashion statement, as top fashion houses...

Housekeeping uniforms for hotels

Trouble sleeping: Top tips & tricks to improve your sleep

We have all been sleeping since before we can remember, but it turns out we’re not doing it very well anymore. It will come as no surprise to you, working on the front line of hotels, that this year sleep is once again on the wellness agenda. You...