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Saving the Planet: How Fabrics Can Make a Difference

We’re going to make a prediction here: 2018 will be the year where we all are going to think long and hard about plastic and sustainability. That means looking at the way we use it and how it is casually tossed aside to pollute land...

What makes an award-winning hotel?

Any guide to winning an award would be sure to include everything from stylish interior design, exceptional F&B and an attentive concierge service through to the loveliest bed linen and the most deliciously fragrant bathroom products. If only it were that simple… So what’s the secret? This...

Our team at Fashionizer

Businesses need action, not words

Fashionizer’s response to Theresa May’s letter to EU citizens We’ve all had a few unexpected emails in our in-box, but today’s surprise message for some of Fashionizer’s staff was from PM Theresa May. She’d emailed an open letter to our team’s EU citizens, with the aim...

Fashion show at UKHA

Time to invest in UK fashion?

Autumn’s approaching, and for those of us in the fashion and textile businesses, that heralds the end of ‘fashion season’. It’s a time of the year when we can check in with an industry that is an important part of British business worldwide – one...

Food for Thought

The annual Global Wellness Summit always provides us with some food for thought – and this year we’re taking that literally. Living a Well Life is the theme of the summit, which begins on October 8, and will be exploring all aspects of what makes...

The Business of Awards

We are starting to wonder if the business of  awards are a little like buses. We’ve only just finished toasting our success at the Professional Clothing Awards in July, when we won the Best Managed Boutique Contract 2017, for our uniforms for l’Oscar hotel, and now...