Made in Chelsea: Belmond Cadogan Hotel - Fashionizer
Fashionizer is a uniform design company with a track record in creating bespoke uniforms for luxury brands, 5-star hotels, resorts and spas, retail and corporate services. Established in 1993 and with headquarters in London, we use our experience and expertise to deliver exceptional bespoke uniform programmes to our clients worldwide. Our passion is to make beautiful and practical uniforms which delight our clients and their staff.
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Made in Chelsea: Belmond Cadogan Hotel

The distinctive touches range from the doormen’s red tartan uniforms, inspired by the punks who made Chelsea’s King’s Road famous in the 1960s (“when Adam Handling saw the doormen he wanted one too. We’ve tweaked budgets so there will be a doorman at both entrances at busy times,” says General Manager Klaus Kabelitz)


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