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We work with customers to fully understand their requirements for bespoke uniforms and the role that bespoke staff uniforms play in their marketing strategy.
bespoke uniforms
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Bespoke Uniforms: men's garments for Four Seasons
Bespoke Uniforms: Doormen designs for Four Seasons
hotel uniform services -Bespoke uniform designs

Bespoke Uniforms

At Fashionizer, we understand that image is an integral part of brand identity. Well-crafted, luxury bespoke uniforms have a significant impact on the guest experience as well as on staff well-being.
Our in-house design team have a background in fashion design. They use their experience and expertise to deliver outstanding bespoke uniform solutions which delight our clients.
Each customer has specific needs, so we tailor our uniform designs to suit them perfectly.

Fashionizer provides a comprehensive uniform service. This can include:

  • Concept and brief
  • Design
  • Garment specification and development (to sample stage)
  • Fabric testing
  • Wearer trials
  • Manufacturing
  • Measuring and made-to-measure
  • New uniform launches
  • On-going contract management
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Stock control and budgeting

Start your bespoke uniform project by contacting us. A dedicated account manager will get back to you to discuss your uniform project further.

In addition, you can see examples of bespoke projects on our portfolio page.